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Merry Christmas
Here is a wonderful article on the origins of Christmas. under: Uncategorized

Our hearts go out…
I am sure I can safely speak for all of us here at Planet Tolive, when I say that our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedies in Boston and now Texas. Stay strong, and stay free. You … Continue reading

Some light reading…
Life can be hectic, so updates are currently sporadic. in the meantime, check out this list of some wonderful blogs. Above all else, K.Y.F.H.O.Filed under: Uncategorized

A Preview of things to come
Be sure to tune in Friday, when I take on Religion, it’s place in (Or out of) government, and of course Marriage Equality opponents. I might even have time for an update on the 2nd Amendment battle and Rand Paul … Continue reading

Firearm Background Checks and your Rights
A friend just asked me about my stance on background checks in relation to firearm ownership. The following was my response. It’s a right, so therefore in theory it should not be decided who is and isn’t applicable for said … Continue reading

Rand Paul Speaks for Nearly 13 Hours, White House Does Not Care
On Wednesday, March 7th,  Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky held a Filibuster to hold up the nomination of John Brennan as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Paul spoke for just short of thirteen hours. The reported time, as of … Continue reading

‘We Have Not A Single Doubt’: New Venezuela President Says America Assassinated Hugo Chavez With Cancer, Expels U.S. Diplomats
Originally posted on Washington Star Journal:

Hollywood Hypocrisy
Anytime gun control is brought up you have your usual string of stars opening their mouths and making barely understandable noise about the evil that is firearms. We are all used to this. This is not just the case in … Continue reading

Those Fatal Nerf Guns « Blog
School goes into “lockdown” when a neighbor calls 911 to report a “suspicious” teen. Those Fatal Nerf Guns « Blog.Filed under: News Tagged: Guns, Police, Schools